Keynote Speaches

Prof Dr Pawel Suwinski
Head of the Healthcare Advisory Department at Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad

Title: The Latest in Pharmacogenetic Testing for Improved Patient Care

Synopsis: Advances in computing have enabled pharmacogenetics (PGx) which is the study of human genetic variation that influences drug metabolism and risks for adverse drug reactions in individuals. 1 in 4 patients are prescribed drugs which could injure them. The risks increase exponentially when < 3 medications are prescribed; and when < 6 medications are prescribed, the risk exceeds 80%. The US FDA estimates that ADRs are the 4th leading cause of death. Prof Dr Pawel Suwinski will provide an update on the science behind PGx testing, and its use across pain management, cardiovascular and mental health applications. He will also highlight the results of numerous large scale clinical studies concluded within the last 3 years.

Speaker Bio: Prof Dr Pawel Suwinski is a medical professional with experience in clinical genomics, healthcare informatics, healthcare economics, and healthcare industry research. He obtained his MBBS degree from Warsaw Medical University. He has an MScin Healthcare Management and a Graduate Certificate in Human Clinical Genetics. Prof Dr Pawel is currently a Clinical Geneticist and he heads the Healthcare Advisory Department at Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad.

Prof Datin Dr Rozi Mahmud
Director of Cancer Resources and Education Centre (CaRE), UPM

Title: Bridging the Gaps The Computer Scientist, Mathematicians and Engineers, Current and Future Contributions in Medicine

Synopsis: There is significant overlap between researches within the discipline of Computer Science, Mathematicians and Engineering in Medical informatics and health services research. These fields need individuals who are capable of working at the intersection of informatics, health services research and/or public health. Closer collaboration among different training programs with the medical fraternity is highly desirable as these fields need individuals who are capable of working at the intersection of informatics, health services research and/or public health. To develop recommendations for establishing collaborations among researchers who will be designing, evaluating, or using information systems for clinical, health services and public health research. To initiate research proposals in six main areas.

Speaker Bio: Prof Dr. Rozi Mahmud is a professional expert in Medical Radiation, Observation Medicine, Bioengineering, Paediatric radiology, Digital Breast Imaging and Biopsy Technique. She obtains her Bachelor of Medicine from Universiti Malaya, and her Master in Radiology (MMed Rad) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Currently, Prof Dr. Rozi Mahmud is a director of Cancer Resource & Education Center (CaRE), UPM.

Prof Dr. Shihab A Hameed
ECE Engineering, IIUM University, Malaysia

Title: ICT: Toward Better Health

Synopsis: In this 21 century; the Information and Communication Technology ICT become an essential and effective driving force in our life. Today, ICT industry has an appreciated contribution to the global economy associating with innovation, invention and rapid development of almost all the aspect of human life (Education, Health, Industry, Entertainment, etc.). The health sector is one of the core and critical sectors that have great effect on human life and willingness in all countries. ICT can play a great rule in improving health sector and bring sustainability for life. The rapid and deep advancement in ICT field (software, Hardware, and Communication) make it a suitable, effective and cheap tool to improve health sector. ICT is the core for hundreds of applications and devices in the health or medicine sector, which costs billions of USD Dollars and offers job for tenths of thousands of peoples. Governments, universities, research centers, and infidels have an appreciated and innovative effort in education, research, and development of ICT for health field, but we still in need for more effort to protect human life and offering better health.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Shihab A. Hameed is a Full Professor of Computer and Information Engineering in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, IIUM University Malaysia. He is a Senior Member in several professional Societies (IEEE, IACSIT, IACSE, ARISE). He is a Member of Board of Study for Computer and Information Engineering Program. Prof Hameed obtained his Ph.D in Computer, Software Engineering from UKM University. He has More than Thirty Five years of Industrial and Educational Experience. His Research Interest is Mainly in Software Engineering and Quality, Healthcare and Medical Applications, Multimedia and Mobile Apps, Professional Ethics, Green ICT and E-Waste, Surveillance and Monitoring Systems.