Cloud Computing and Engineering , Cloud Standards ,Green computing models
Information communication and technology, Computing, Informatics, Management
Biomedical Image Processing, Biosignal Processing ,Simulation and 3D visualization Biosignal Processing
Information Technology , Islam , Sharia , Applications and Softwares
Computer applications and technologies , Computer Architecture ,Cryptography and Information Security

Universal Academy of Science and Technology

Universal Academy of Science and Technology (UniTech) was established by a number of scholars, researchers and academicians in various fields especially in the field of Science and Technology; their primary aim is to disseminate knowledge among human beings all over the world, UniTech endeavors to publish original research papers, peer reviewed articles, technical reports and short communications in the field of Science and Technology. UniTech’s works to provide the base for promoting advanced research. And To promote the knowledge that add high value empirically and theoretically.

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CASH 2016 Malaysia
ACSAT 2016 Malaysia