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спутниковые ресиверы в Украине
отдых в Турции

In order to make this event useful and successful, we seek your kind contribution to sponsor this conference under one of the bellow categories to achieve one of the benefits shown in the following list:

Sponsor Benefits
A. Two way air tickets to attend the conference/ business class.
B. Accommodation for 4 days hosting in the Hotel where the conference will be conducted and transportation from/ to airport, with some other compliment facilities.
C. Booth for advertisement during the conference.
D. Free participation for the conference for 1 person.
E. Advertisements for all brochures, banners, CDs, websites and others.

Methods of Sponsorships:

Platinum Sponsor

  • Sponsor contribution: 8000 EUR
  • Benefits: A, B, C, D, & E

Gold Sponsor

  • Sponsor contribution: 4000 EUR
  • Benefits: B, C, D, & E

Silver Sponsor

  • Sponsor contribution: 2000 EUR
  • Benefits: C, D, & E

Bronze Sponsor

  • Sponsor contribution: 1000 EUR
  • Benefits: D & E


  • Sponsor contribution: 500 EUR
  • Benefits: E

 Special Sponsorship

  • Partial contribution to Gala dinner, Two Coffee breaks, Bags, Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony.
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